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NOVA:The first gourmet kitchen on wheels is on the move

The first gourmet kitchen on wheels, a.k.a., food truck as its founders call it, is on the move. The idea is propelled by two friends, Dimitar Dobrev and Petko Tsonchev, supported by their advisor and chef, Tsvetomir Nikolov.

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If Vitoshka is a passerby street for those who aren’t quite familiar with what’s good to eat in the area, Angel Kynchev shaped itself out to be the street for those with an unwavering culinary taste. It is in this particular intersection that the first stationary food truck found its spot, with promises of modernizing street food.

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Capital:Two brand new spots for burgers, sandwiches and other culinary feasts.

Following their first truck, neatly located right between Parchevich and Angel Kynchev, there came the new Street Chefs burger truck. There isn’t really an exact address but you can find it at the James Boucher and Kozyak parking lot, right at the Billa entrance.

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Adrien Brody in Bulgaria.jpeg

On the street: Adrien Brody

Throwback to that moment when Adrien Body visited our food truck on Angel Kanchev Str. What a day! 


"Street Chefs: the taste of the street"

Probably you've noticed that fine cuisine merged into street food for the last few years. Now you can try really quality food prepared with love even at street food locations. Another trend that we witness here is the love to burgers that obsessed us quickly and led to the opening of many new places with burger menus.  

These two trends meet up in the face of Street Chefs - a splendid place located at the equally nice Angel Kanchev Street. Similar food trucks are quite popular in America and we are happy to see a real place like that here in Sofia, and we don't speak of the typical hot dog carts you can meet at any corner of the city. And mentioning hot dog we really hope the local street food ennoble. But lets go back to Street Chefs - here everything is in its right place - from the branding of the location, through the packaging, to paying attention to details. We tried the Chefs Burger as well as the Classic Cheese Burger. The meat was great, the add-ons too, especially our favourite Jalapeno peppers. At the menu you can also try steaks. All of this you can enjoy sitting at the open space of the food truck, while drinking a glass of wine and chatting with friends.  

Perfect place for the lovers of the really great simple things in life, one of which of-course is street food. 

Street Chefs is located on 58-60 Parchevich and Angel Kanchev Str.


Bacchus magazine:

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We are talking to Petko, one of the co-founders of the first food truck in Sofia, at Angel Kanchev street - Street Chefs. Besides being their regular clients the reason to call him and ask some questions is the fact that we saw another street Chefs food truck in Romania. And don't forget to stop by the Street Chefs spot at the upcoming Bacchus StrEAT Fest:

When and how Street Chefs became a fact? 

It started as a joke. Together with my business partner we come from totally different business and background. Cooking was just a hobby. Two were our motives to use a caravan: to be mobile and the fact that street food means being close to your customers. This whole theatre so to speak was attractive to us. In the beginning we imagined a different menu, more casual, and with much more improvisation. But the business turned out to be more structured and rough - no place for free style. The market, and the customers formed a bit more of a standard menu. We opened the place on Friday 13th, on a November day at Angel Kanchev Str. Today we have another location - Koziak Str. 

What are the biggest challenges for the business?
To begin with - the climate. During winer even the water freezes, people are cold, during the summer is too hot. But this is a problem we can't escape. Another problem is the regulations that come from the Municipality concerning the mobile venues. Internationally these kind of mobile businesses are blooming. It is a terrific platform for promoting different type of cuisine and ideas, not to speak of how it adds to the character of the city. every weekend in Vienna, at one of the most beautiful squares, a food truck with Bratislava's plates arrives there. They make a setting with chairs and tables and sell burgers during the weekend. So they regulated it properly in Austria. 


What is the street food scene in Bulgaria?

Poor. We in Bulgaria consider the pizza on the go and the duner as street food. Obviously this is the common concept here and it will not go soon. It is not bad but at one point people should start making the difference between the good quality and poor quality food. It is clear that our prices are a bit higher but it is a result of the quality we propose. And not at least, there is a tendency is going up according to the street food. And this is logical - people start paying attention to their health more and more. Food is the main factor for it. 


Screenshot 2021-10-25 at 9.51.05.png

Fish & Chips at the seaside

New place by the seaside from Street Chefs. You can find them just behind Kite Bar. The menu is simple - fish and chips prepared at the moment in front of you. The breading is special - a combination of lemon infused thyme, salt, black pepper, beer and flour.  and of course Tartar sauce. 

The fish and chips food truck is produced in 1974, the model - San Georgo. "We took it from the previous owners who used it for pop-up sushi.", says Petko Tsochev, one of the owners. 


Best Street Food at Go Guide Food & Drink Awards 2018

Friends, we have exciting news from last night. We won in the category "Best Street Food" in the 2018 Go Guide Food & Drink Awards.

2018 has been a year of growth and expansion for us. We thank you from the heart for voting for us and more so for your support and appreciation over the last year.

We feel the love and we are excited to bring you more of your favorite street food in new locations very soon!


Sofis's best burger place 2016

Proud to be your first choice when it comes to burgers. 

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